Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toddler Trivia Question

Toddler trivia question...

Q: What is more fun than taking a nap?

A: Going poop and playing with it!

Don't ask. You probably don't want to know. I know I sure didn't want to know!

Friday, February 12, 2010

things that make a new mom cringe in fear

From the moment a woman gets pregnant, it sometimes seems as though all she hears from other moms is "When you have to experience (fill in the blank) it's going to be horrible!". These 'well intended' warnings begin with the whole list of pregnancy discomforts, especially labor (for example, the woman at the pediatricians office today who felt the need to tell me every detail of how she and her baby almost died while she was in labor). After the horrors of labor, then comes warnings of months and months of colic, childhood diseases, jaundice, SIDS, breastfeeding woes, babies that won't poop, babies that poop too much, babies that always spit up, reflux, crawling, baby-proofing, walking, teething, and potty training, just to name a few. One more horror that I have always heard of is when your child has to cut their molars. Teething is tough, I knew that. Ashley Marie didn't have a bad time teething, so I figured we would just deal with that when the time came.
WELL, Ashley Marie had her 15 month appointment at the pediatrician today. How about when he looked in her mouth with the tongue depressor, I saw something suspicious. I checked it out when we got home...yeah. She has 3 molars that have already broken the surface! I had no idea! She never once indicated anything was wrong. This girl is one tough cookie!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Good News! (for now...)

Ok, so I just got a phone call from the Diabetes center at the hospital, wanting to schedule an appt with me. I was really nervous to call them back because I thought they might have bad news about my glucose test results from the other day. Well, she did have my results, but for now...I PASSED. YAY!!!!! They are still going to recheck me at least one more time later because I could still develop gestational diabetes, but for now, I'm in the clear. My results were 120, and over 135 is positive. I am still trying to be smart about what I eat, mainly watching portion sizes of my carbs (those are my big downfall), but at least I don't have to totally cut out the sweets and yummy stuff...yet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I know it's been a while...

but I promise, I'm still here. It's just really hard work chasing a toddler while you are growing another baby. : ) The doctors appointments alone are exhausting! I can't imagine what I would do if I were still working. I am really starting to wonder how couples that have kids and both parents work full time ever get anything done! I have about 8 phone calls I NEED to make today, a doctors appt yesterday, a dentist appt tomorrow, a lab appt at the doctors office tomorrow, and I am waiting for the siding repair person to get here to give us an estimate (hes already 45 minutes late...Grrrrr...so glad I got up early to be ready for him). It just never ends!

On a more upbeat note, which is why I decided to post, I did have my first real OBGYN appt yesterday! All is well with the baby and me. I haven't gained much weight (hallelujah!) and so far labs and all look. I finally heard the heartbeat, which was almost 160 beats a minute. The did tons of more labs and tests and I'll get the results of them later. They did go ahead a do my glucose test for gestational diabetes. It's kinda early for that, they don't usually do it at 17 weeks, but they wanted to do it early because of my history. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed and praying about the results for that. I'm not super worried about it though, because I know I'm more prepared this time. I know what I'm facing if it comes back positive. I can get through it, I've done it before. I'm scheduled for my next appt on the 23rd, but I have my Ultrasound on the 16th. I'm super excited about that! I can't wait to find out what this little one is. I just want to see it's little face on the screen. So tiny, so cute! Somehow once you see it on the screen and find out what it's going to be, it all becomes so much more real. Even just hearing the heartbeat made it so much more real.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One year ago...

Oh goodness, what a year. One year ago, we were all on pins and needles, waiting for my little sweet pea. Exactly one year ago tonight, My hubby, Mom, and myself went to have my pregnancy portraits taken (just in the nick of time, too!).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More info

Okie Dokie...Heres another posting to answer some of the questions from my last one.

First, the city doesn't want our house. I don't know why. We waited over 2 months to get a letter in the mail that said our house is worth $65,000 and at this time they are unable to purchase our home. Yippee. It took them 2 months to come up with that? Duh. We paid $64,900 for it. We know its worth that. We just don't know why they don't want it. Probably because they know the city put a messed up sewer line in our backyard. But anyway...so know our only option is to wait. We don't really have an option but to wait and hope that this city project will raise our property value. I just hope our neighborhood doesn't eventually go section 8 and get us stuck here.

Second, about the other night... It took the cop about 20 minutes to show up and once he arrived, he didn't have the flashy lights or siren on. He said he was so late because the night before they had an officer almost get hit. Not sure what that had to do with me, but whatever. I mean, we're only within walking distance of the Public Safety Substation in our neighborhood. He got out of the car and mark walked out to meet him. Mark and the officer turned on their flashlights, looked around, and then I met them outside. I told the officer what happened, and he said that I should buy a motion light or a security camera. Well gee...why didn't I think of that?!? He also said that they would add us to their patrol route and would drive by when they get a chance. They must have a REALLY big patrol route, cause it's been days since the incident, and I still haven't seen a patrol car drive by.

He took no fingerprints, didn't talk to any neighbors, nothing. I told the young couple across the street to keep an eye out and be careful. We do a pretty good job of looking out for each other. The cop did say that there had been other reports of a peeping tom in the neighborhood, but the physical descriptions didn't match. Theirs was a lightskinned older man with braids, mine was darkskinned 20 or 30 something male with short hair or bald, wearing a hoodie.

No other news, but Mark and I are looking into motion lights and have put up sheets on what windows didn't have blinds. I know is not a great solution, but we're working on it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CD giveaway...

My sister's blog is giving away a Michael Buble CD...check it out!