Monday, June 23, 2008

Officially Halfway There!!!!!

I'm officially there...20 weeks!! Halfway point! My next appointment is Thursday afternoon, so I should be getting pictures of the wee one posted soon. Yay!! Until then, here's this weeks picture...

I tried to take the picture earlier so I wouldn't look so angry! I had an interesting occurance last night...I officially had my first 'bad parenting' nightmare. It was really weird! I was crammed in a tiny room with dozens and dozens of little screaming kids and I yelled really loudly for all of them to shut up. The really weird part was that then the doorbell rang and it was a police officer telling me the neighbors had reported my yelling at the kids and they were now not going to allow me to be a mother to my unborn child! I woke up kinda freaked out and all sweaty. I really hate that kiind of dream.

On a lighter note, during our time off from work, Mark started painting the nursery. He has done 2 coats on the walls, but still has to do all the trim. The really funny/sad thing is that the new color is almost the exact same shade as the old color. The new color is just a little but more toned down and is a glossy paint. In the pictures below, the wall on the right is the old color. The left wall is the new color...see what I mean!?!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back from Vacation

Mark and I made it home safely from our vacation. We're both kinda pooped, but we had tons of fun! We left here Tuesday afternoon, dropped Maggie off at her Granny's house, and then Mark surprised me by going and buying our newest toy...a Garmin navigation system.

I think he might be a little proud of his new toy. OK, so I like it too...

Once in Atlanta, we found our hotel and got settled in. Mark relaxed for a little bit and used the Garmin to figure out our dinner options.

The next morning, we ate breakfast in the car and headed into the city in search of the aquarium. Unfortunately the morning rush hour traffic in Atlanta lasts for probably 4 hours so we were driving right in the middle of it.

At last...Downtown Atlanta!!

The entrance to the aquarium...

If you can't tell by the fact that they are blurry, those are real fish behind Mark.

These are a bunch of otters. I really wanted them to wake up so I could get a better picture of them, but I guess they were nice and warm and didn't wanna wake up.

Again...Real fish in the background. Or in this case, a real whale.

I love this picture!!

After the aquarium, we crossed the field between the two, and went to the Coca-Cola museum. I love these bottles that are in the lobby of the museum. The one that says cola to my left was made entirely of beads in South Africa!

This was the cutest coca-cola polar bear ever! I there hadn't been so many kids of field trips, I would've wanted my picture taken with him!

Next stop on the list...The Varsity for lunch. Fantastic Onion Rings! (even though they gave me terrible heartburn!)
After lunch, we headed out to Stone Mountain.
That's it in the background! It's really high!
Mark and I decided that we didn't want to pay to ride the tram to the top of the mountain, so we figured we'd hike it. It wasn't too bad, but there are pictures to come that show how steep it gets.

I'm not really as miserable as it looks in these pictures. It's just really bright!

See, I told you it gets steep!
Mark relaxing at the top. There was a huge golf course he could see from up there and he SO wanted to play it.I saw this as we started heading down the mountain. It totally looks like a frogs face! He even has plants in his mouth!
After all of that in one day, we were pretty pooped. We stayed for the laser show at the base of the mountain, then went back to the hotel and crashed!

The next morning, we got an early start and headed out to the zoo. Of course we were in rush hour traffic again...

For one of the first times ever, Mark and I got somewhere early! I had to document it. (note, it's only 9:10 am in this picture)
Getting to the zoo early is a great idea! No little kids all over the place, it's still cool outside, and the animals were very active this early!
I loved the kangaroos! There was even one with a baby in her pouch!
This panda kept showing off for Mark and I. It kept covering it's self with bamboo while eating it. Eventually it was like a pile of bamboo with arms and a head!
This one was sitting with its back to the glass pretending like we weren't even there! I love how you can see its hair pressed against the glass!

A super cute picture of my sweetie! I was very proud of him. He was very nice and let me take his picture a lot while we were in Atlanta.
Mark and a metal komodo dragon...
Me and a metal giraffe...
I think these meerkats might have been my favorate of all the animals! They were so cute!

After the zoo, the inside the CNN studio tour (no cameras allowed).
After the tour, we wer pretty pooped, so wewent back to the hotel and went swimming. There are no pictures of that because I just discovered just how awful maternity swimsuits really are!After swimming, we ordered a pizza and crashed for the night.

The next day, we hecked out of the hotel aand drove to Kinnesaw to go to the Civil War and Locomotive History museum.

Next stop, the Fernbank museum of Natural History.
I love this dinosaur in the lobby! There are also a bunch of these smaller flying dinosaurs all around. You can see one in the top right corner in this picture.
One more really great picture before heading home!