Friday, February 12, 2010

things that make a new mom cringe in fear

From the moment a woman gets pregnant, it sometimes seems as though all she hears from other moms is "When you have to experience (fill in the blank) it's going to be horrible!". These 'well intended' warnings begin with the whole list of pregnancy discomforts, especially labor (for example, the woman at the pediatricians office today who felt the need to tell me every detail of how she and her baby almost died while she was in labor). After the horrors of labor, then comes warnings of months and months of colic, childhood diseases, jaundice, SIDS, breastfeeding woes, babies that won't poop, babies that poop too much, babies that always spit up, reflux, crawling, baby-proofing, walking, teething, and potty training, just to name a few. One more horror that I have always heard of is when your child has to cut their molars. Teething is tough, I knew that. Ashley Marie didn't have a bad time teething, so I figured we would just deal with that when the time came.
WELL, Ashley Marie had her 15 month appointment at the pediatrician today. How about when he looked in her mouth with the tongue depressor, I saw something suspicious. I checked it out when we got home...yeah. She has 3 molars that have already broken the surface! I had no idea! She never once indicated anything was wrong. This girl is one tough cookie!


Angelia said...

How awesome is that?
Shelby was a great teether too.

Weezer said...

I guess that explains how she's able to eat some of the things she does. Once I thought that she must really, really tough gums!!

Jessica said...

She's a toughie, all right. Crazy.