Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Oops... sorry it's been so long. With my vacation last week, Ive been dealing with some needy animals around here. My babies told me that I was not allowed to use my computer until they got some one on one time with their mommy. Maggie and Mister are both still a little needy, but Maggie is playing with her daddy at the moment, and Mister is sleeping on the headrest of my chair, sleeping and occasionally waking up to run his nose through my hair.

We had company for about 10 days, and 'the kids' are still recovering. Mark's Mom and sister went to visit one of his other sisters in Arkansas, so we watched their 'babies' while they were gone. We made it through with no major arguments between the kids, but my poor house has suffered the wrath or 3 dogs and a cat all fighting to make it smell like 'their territory'. Were still trying to get it all cleaned up. And, to top it all off, my washing machine is on the fritz, so Sunday, we went and spent 4 hours and about $60 at the laundromat, washing and drying about 25 loads of dirty, smelly, dog hair covered clothes, blankets, sheets, towels, and rugs. Yuck!

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