Monday, June 23, 2008

Officially Halfway There!!!!!

I'm officially there...20 weeks!! Halfway point! My next appointment is Thursday afternoon, so I should be getting pictures of the wee one posted soon. Yay!! Until then, here's this weeks picture...

I tried to take the picture earlier so I wouldn't look so angry! I had an interesting occurance last night...I officially had my first 'bad parenting' nightmare. It was really weird! I was crammed in a tiny room with dozens and dozens of little screaming kids and I yelled really loudly for all of them to shut up. The really weird part was that then the doorbell rang and it was a police officer telling me the neighbors had reported my yelling at the kids and they were now not going to allow me to be a mother to my unborn child! I woke up kinda freaked out and all sweaty. I really hate that kiind of dream.

On a lighter note, during our time off from work, Mark started painting the nursery. He has done 2 coats on the walls, but still has to do all the trim. The really funny/sad thing is that the new color is almost the exact same shade as the old color. The new color is just a little but more toned down and is a glossy paint. In the pictures below, the wall on the right is the old color. The left wall is the new color...see what I mean!?!


Weezer said...

Love the color, Ashley. Is the border you bought going to stick to that glossy paint? Whatcha going to do for window treatments?

Jessica said... least you're consistent in your color preferences! I think it's a great nursery color. I can't wait 'til we start thinking about how we're going to do our little one's room.

You definitely look less hostile toward the camera in this one. =)

Jessica said...

Oh my've got to read Birdie's comment on my post with the pictures of both of us. HILARIOUS. You'll love it.

Weezer said...

Okay now. It's not June anymore. Time for an update.