Monday, July 7, 2008

weekly pictures update

sorry I got behind again... here are weeks 21 and 22. Things have been kinda crazy around here the past week or two. I'll explain all of that in a later post when I have a bit more time, but I am STARVING and need to finish up here so I can get some food!


Jessica said...

You look beautiful!

Granny said...

Thanks for the newest pictures of our great granddaughter! Can't tell as yet who will look like but she WILl be beautiful. Can hardly wait to hold her. You know Grandpa doesn't do much until they can talk back to him. Have you registered anywhere for things you need? If not give me some ideas. Love to all three of you.

Jessica said...

So............................where are the new ones? And the explanation about how crazy things have been? And pictures of the floor? Heddo?