Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm afraid of the dark

No really. I am. I've never really been much of a fan of darkness. I've always much preferred a warm, sunny afternoon to the dark, cold creepiness of nighttime. But now, my fears have been justified.
Saturday night, Mark and I were enjoying the weekend and had eaten supper and given Ashley Marie her bath. we got her PJ's on her and got her to bed for the night and decided to watch a movie. Mark fell asleep on the sofa and I had been working on an art project while the movie finished up. Once it was over, I turned off the DVD and started to get ready for bed. Put my cell phone by the bed, set the alarm clock, and refilled my tea glass. I went in the bathroom and brushed my hair and sat down to use the toilet. After a few moments, I looked up and saw something unusual in the bathroom window. Reflected on the frosted glass was something I had never noticed before. Something kinda spherical. I looked at it for a moment, trying to figure out what I was looking at. Then, it moved. Much like a person might move their head. Hmmm...that's creepy. Maybe its Mark and he got up without me hearing him and he's rechecking the sewer line before we go to bed (it's been backing up and causing floods). I know it was unlikely, but I quickly and carefully got up and pulled up my pants. I went next door into Ashley Marie's room and walk up next to her crib to look out the window.
Yep...standing right there within 5 feet of my house. A Stranger, definitely not Mark. I don't know if he was a peeping tom or if he was trying to figure out how to break in. He saw me really quickly, hiked up his lowridin' pants, and took off. I woke Mark up and he called the cops while I hysterically sobbed and had a panic attack. By the time the cops got there, he was of course long gone, and we still aren't sure what he was doing. But let me tell you this...I am terrified. I am usually slow to admit weakness in myself, but I am not kidding you at all. I am absolutely terrified about whatever he was doing, and even more terrified to think that he could come back. So, Mark and I are beefing up security here at the house. We're working on finally getting that security system to stop beeping for the first time in over 3 years!


Angelia said...

How absolutley
Are you going to install motion lights in the back?
I keep hoping the city of Aiken is going to come through and buy your house. What's the latest on that?
Please be safe down there.

Weezer said...

Okay. I was hoping for something a bit more up-beat and cheery for your first posting. I don't like this at all. You are there at the house alone much too much to have this kind of scare. What are the police saying? Did they fingerprint? Take casts of footprints? Look for DNA on the windowpanes? Check with neighbors for other incidents?

Ashley said...

Ok Ma...you gotta chill out with the NCIS or CSI or whatever...You know more about this stuff than the Aiken Police! Ha!