Monday, September 17, 2007

Crazy busy with boring things are the rest of the pictures from the Smokies trip. Sorry it took so long...

prettiness in Cades Cove

Hmmmm...honey, do you see anything on the map about a giant black bird? Cause there seems to be one.......
right there!!I personally love how his mouth is open and he seems to be strutting, almost as if hes singing and dancing...."I'm such a pretty bird, pretty bird, pretty bird. Look at me, I'm a pretty bird!"

hmmm, just a bit windy up on the mountain.

I'm quite proud of these 2 shots, and Mark for taking them!

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Jessica said...

Lots of comments here.

First, I can had'dat necklace? In the last picture?

Second, yes, the first of the two pictures you're proud of is quite lovely. I like that one a lot.

Third, and most importantly, HAHAHA! about the huge black bird. Reading that was like being inside my own mind....both disturbing and hilarious at the same time. I think there was another comment I had.....but I have to save SOMETHING for when I keep coming back and there isn't a new post to comment on.

Joking aside, thanks for new posts. I was starting to lose hope. =)