Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Okie Dokie...Heres another posting to answer some of the questions from my last one.

First, the city doesn't want our house. I don't know why. We waited over 2 months to get a letter in the mail that said our house is worth $65,000 and at this time they are unable to purchase our home. Yippee. It took them 2 months to come up with that? Duh. We paid $64,900 for it. We know its worth that. We just don't know why they don't want it. Probably because they know the city put a messed up sewer line in our backyard. But know our only option is to wait. We don't really have an option but to wait and hope that this city project will raise our property value. I just hope our neighborhood doesn't eventually go section 8 and get us stuck here.

Second, about the other night... It took the cop about 20 minutes to show up and once he arrived, he didn't have the flashy lights or siren on. He said he was so late because the night before they had an officer almost get hit. Not sure what that had to do with me, but whatever. I mean, we're only within walking distance of the Public Safety Substation in our neighborhood. He got out of the car and mark walked out to meet him. Mark and the officer turned on their flashlights, looked around, and then I met them outside. I told the officer what happened, and he said that I should buy a motion light or a security camera. Well gee...why didn't I think of that?!? He also said that they would add us to their patrol route and would drive by when they get a chance. They must have a REALLY big patrol route, cause it's been days since the incident, and I still haven't seen a patrol car drive by.

He took no fingerprints, didn't talk to any neighbors, nothing. I told the young couple across the street to keep an eye out and be careful. We do a pretty good job of looking out for each other. The cop did say that there had been other reports of a peeping tom in the neighborhood, but the physical descriptions didn't match. Theirs was a lightskinned older man with braids, mine was darkskinned 20 or 30 something male with short hair or bald, wearing a hoodie.

No other news, but Mark and I are looking into motion lights and have put up sheets on what windows didn't have blinds. I know is not a great solution, but we're working on it.


Angelia said...

I'm sorry to hear about the city not wanting the house. That's a disapointment. They had your hopes up the dropped you like a sack of manure.
I'm glad that you're thinking about the motion lights. We've been thinking about putting them on the back of the house there in Augusta b/c the backyard gets so dark.
when mom made the comment about fingerprints and such I thought the same thing you did even though I watch all that stuff too. Guesss I'm not all "WooHoo" about it like she is. LOL!
Aiken sounds like they are on top of things. NOT!
Again, be safe, and I'm thinking about you guys.

Jessica said...

I don't like this AT ALL. I wish I knew someone on the Aiken PD, because I'd be on them like white on rice to get over there and check things out better for you. Wait, no.....scratch that. I wish I knew someone with the city of Aiken, and I'd get them to buy your stinkin' house. Yeah. That's what I'd do.

Just be careful. Like I have to tell you that.

Jessica said...

Random comment:

That girl you were following on the Papooska blog.....yeah.....the one with two babies who were like a year apart? Yeah. Apparently she's 15 weeks pregnant again. You've gotta go to her blog. Poor girl.....don't know how she does it...

Weezer said...

Okay. Time for an update. Keep this going.