Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I know it's been a while...

but I promise, I'm still here. It's just really hard work chasing a toddler while you are growing another baby. : ) The doctors appointments alone are exhausting! I can't imagine what I would do if I were still working. I am really starting to wonder how couples that have kids and both parents work full time ever get anything done! I have about 8 phone calls I NEED to make today, a doctors appt yesterday, a dentist appt tomorrow, a lab appt at the doctors office tomorrow, and I am waiting for the siding repair person to get here to give us an estimate (hes already 45 minutes late...Grrrrr...so glad I got up early to be ready for him). It just never ends!

On a more upbeat note, which is why I decided to post, I did have my first real OBGYN appt yesterday! All is well with the baby and me. I haven't gained much weight (hallelujah!) and so far labs and all look. I finally heard the heartbeat, which was almost 160 beats a minute. The did tons of more labs and tests and I'll get the results of them later. They did go ahead a do my glucose test for gestational diabetes. It's kinda early for that, they don't usually do it at 17 weeks, but they wanted to do it early because of my history. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed and praying about the results for that. I'm not super worried about it though, because I know I'm more prepared this time. I know what I'm facing if it comes back positive. I can get through it, I've done it before. I'm scheduled for my next appt on the 23rd, but I have my Ultrasound on the 16th. I'm super excited about that! I can't wait to find out what this little one is. I just want to see it's little face on the screen. So tiny, so cute! Somehow once you see it on the screen and find out what it's going to be, it all becomes so much more real. Even just hearing the heartbeat made it so much more real.


Jessica said...

I was thinking this morning that you might have even found out yesterday if Gomer's a he or a she. If they had done an ultrasound, they probably could have gone ahead and told you. I'm so glad things seem to be going well, and that little one seems to be growing just like he or she should be. It's still pretty surreal to me, too.....of course. I can't believe we're going to have another baby around....!

Angelia said...

Yay, I'm glad that you are still thinking about posting every now and then.
I'm with Jessica. I can't believe you're prgnant. Again!
It seems like yesterday both you and Jessica were pregnant with the first ones.
Please keep me updated more this go around! I don't like not knowing what's going on.

Granny said...

Ashley! I was so happy to see you back on your BLOG! It seems like more and more these BLOGS are the only way Grandpa and I can stay in touch with you all over in Augusta. Oh how I wish I were closer and see how little "Gomer" is growing! Just know we are here if you need us - AND PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH! Grandpa is still talking about Ashley Marie and what a little dyamo she must be at home. So happy you were here but sorry things got so hectic with Grandpa but he is doing better all the time. I am learning more all the time about "mainlines" and giving antibiotics in them. Love to you all.