Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Toddler Trivia Question

Toddler trivia question...

Q: What is more fun than taking a nap?

A: Going poop and playing with it!

Don't ask. You probably don't want to know. I know I sure didn't want to know!


Jessica said...

Um, well....if it's a good enough story that it got you to blog for the first time in, well, ages, it must be good enough to share! Do tell!

That girly keeps you on your toes, doesn't she? =)

Granny said...

You didn't have to give any details as I can look back about 58 years ago and had this same experience - no need to tell you with whom! But she was in a playpen with another little baby (a boy) and thought it was so much fun he would try it also. That is all I'm saying about this!