Sunday, April 20, 2008

little updates

Well, the 'article' in Southern Living Magazine came out. I'm not happy about it at all. They had taken all of these pictures of at least 5 of my cakes, and what picture did they use? A picture of the Boll Weevil's Hoppin' Johns and a sandwich. They did briefly mention one of my cakes, but that's all. It wasn't worth all the hoopla at all. Totally crummy.
On a Different note, I am doing OK. No morning sickness unless I haven't eaten in a few hours, but other than that, I'm well. I am definitely getting larger, however. I saw my Mom yesterday, and she told me that I look 'very pregnant' and that 'by November, I'm going to be wider than I am tall'. How hilarious is that?!? Nothing like family to give you a dose of reality!


Rachel Hoeller said...

I want to see pictures :) I did a picture every month to see how much I grew, I was huge! I am so happy for you guys!

Jessica said...

Yeah - you should definitely do a month by month - or week by week, even - picture. Put a little piece of paper on the wall behind you or beside you so that if the pictures get out of order on the computer or something, you know which is which. It creates a cool chronology.

Strange that I'm telling you this? Perhaps. I do a lot of blog hopping.

I saw the article when I was at Mom's the other day, and I was pretty ticked, myself. Angelia and I were like, "Um........where's the rest of it?" Pretty crappy, but think of it this way - you're just getting started, and your work was already mentioned in a national magazine! Think where you'll be in a few years!