Thursday, April 3, 2008


I'm so sorry I haven't posted in pretty much forever. Things have been crazy. I know, I know....When aren't they?
Keep an eye out for my cakes in next month's issue of Southern Living Magazine. Rumor is, The Boll Weevil and me and my cakes will be in it! Be on the look out!
And here's the other cool news (regarding work). Next week is Masters Week here in Augusta, and apparently one of the golfers is coming to the Boll Weevil for some of my PB pie. And, on Wednesday of Masters Week, a photographer from Paula Deen Magazine is coming to the Boll Weevil to take pictures of me, my cakes, the restaurant, and my bakery. Yay!!! Publicity for me!! I'm going to be famous someday! You-betcha!!

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Jessica said...

Goodness gracious! Someone's out there getting your name out there, huh? How cool is that? You're gonna be ON one of those cooking shows on of these days! Man!